The Orthopedic Department at Jeevanrakshya Polyclinic is a specialized unit dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Led by a team of experienced orthopedic surgeons, the department provides comprehensive care for patients of all ages, ranging from infants to the elderly.

At Jeevanrakshya Polyclinic, the Orthopedic Department is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technologies, ensuring accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. The department offers a wide range of services, including orthopedic consultations, diagnostic imaging, non-surgical interventions, surgical procedures, and post-operative rehabilitation.

The orthopedic specialists at Jeevanrakshya Polyclinic have expertise in various subspecialties, including joint replacement surgery, sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics, spine surgery, trauma care, and orthopedic oncology. They are committed to providing personalized and compassionate care, tailoring treatment plans to meet the unique needs and goals of each patient.

Whether it’s managing chronic conditions like arthritis or treating acute injuries such as fractures and ligament tears, the Orthopedic Department at Jeevanrakshya Polyclinic focuses on restoring mobility, reducing pain, and improving the quality of life for their patients. The team emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating closely with other departments and healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive care and optimal outcomes.

Overall, the Orthopedic Department at Jeevanrakshya Polyclinic is dedicated to delivering exceptional orthopedic care, combining clinical expertise, advanced technology, and a patient-centered approach to promote musculoskeletal health and well-being.

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डा. प्रेम बा. शाही

Fellowship in Spine Surgery/ MS- Orthopedics/ MBBS

Spine Surgery & Orthopedic Surgery Specialist

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